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Master P Sued by Pepe Jeans

Master P, nee Percy Miller, and Wal-Mart are being sued by Pepe Jeans London LLC.  They are accusing him on infringing on their trademark by using the letter P as the logo for his P. Miller clothing line. Wal-Mart has been thrown into the mix because they’re exclusively selling the line. Pepe wants him to stop using the logo and to fork over any money he’s gained since using it as well as pay for legal fees.  Source

P. Miller released a statement saying:

“I went to the website of PepeJeans.com and couldn’t find a circled ‘P’ anywhere, on their clothing, or the brand advertising within the site,” explained Master P, otherwise known as P. Miller, after searching their website. “I’m the future of affordable fashion and big brands will always hate me, but they shouldn’t throw stones if they live in a glass house.”

“I make clothes for underprivileged and underserved families. P. Miller Designs is about diversity. We cater to the African-American and Latino customer. I’m doing something positive for the community and I’m giving back. What are they doing? Hating? I thought this kind of thing only happened in the rap game. I put out a charitable rap album last year, made no money on it, tried to send a message to the kids about taking profanity out of their music, and because it came through Wal-Mart, I was targeted with a lawsuit,” the entertainment mogul added.

“I’m the brand of the community. I sell jeans for $20 and t-shirts for $10,” explained Master P. “People don’t buy my clothes for the logo. They buy them because it’s high-fashion at an affordable price. Just to prove my point, I’m confident that even if I take the circle-P logo, which by the way is probably the logo of several hundred other companies, off my spring line, people will still buy them.”


So to get them back he’s going to counter sue.


“I guess they didn’t do their homework,” he said. “I am also filing a countersuit against Nitin, Arun, and Milan Shah and Pepe Jeans London, LLC for tortuous interference with my business and future business with Wal-Mart. And since they saw fit to go after my retailer, I will return the favor.”  Source

So petty, I’m sure that P’s line isn’t stealing any money from Pepe.  Then again, I haven’t seen anyone with a pair of PePe Jeans on in at least 5 years.  In that case, carry on.


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