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Michelle Williams Talks Depression

Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child says that after the breakup of the group she fell into depression because she missed her band mates, Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland, so much.

She tell’s Britain’s You magazine, “We all went through a depression when Destiny’s Child broke up.  I remember going out to lunch with a friend and he asked how Beyonce and Kelly were and I burst into tears because I missed them so much and he suggested I needed counselling! It wasn’t that bad, just a natural response after spending so much time together.” Source

She ain’t miss dem heifers…she missed a steady check.  How can you love two chicks who, when you fell flat on your face duringa performance they stepped right over you and kept it moving.


More Michelle…

Michelle recently was talking about dating.  She’s not dating for fun, she’s dating with hopes of finding someone she can bring home to mama.

 She says, “I’m not dating just for the sake of dating any more, I’m dating to marry, so no timewasters, please. I want a ring on my finger and children. I’m not into the whole Hollywood, trophy-partner scene – I’m after a relationship that’s going to endure, so I’m not rushing into anything”. Source

Good luck honey.


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