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Bow Wow Talks About the Ladies

Rapper/actor Bow Wow cleared up rumors about his love life in a recent interview with Philly radio personality Kendra G.

First up, is he dating Rev. Run’s daughter Angela Simmons?

“I’m single. I’m not with Angela Simmons,” said the rapper. “She’s a sweet person, just a cool homie I hang out with. I know they probably seen me at the fashion show with her, but I go to support her. She just broke up with her boyfriend and all that, but nah, it’s nothing like that.”

What about the rumors that he is about to welcome a child with best-selling author and former video vixen Superhead?

 “That is all the way false,” Bow said.

Ok, well, he did date singer Ciara at one time, so what is the current status of their relationship? He says that Cici and his mother are still very close, but he hasn’t spoken to her in a long time.
“They’re like daughters to my moms,” he explained, referring to girls he brings home to mom. “They hang out and do all that extra stuff. I’m just like ‘You know what? Next time, it’s separate.'”

He adds thathe’d rather date a girl who’s not in entertainment.

“I’m over that,” Bow said of dating industry women. “I want me a regular girl right now. They can appreciate everything. It’s hard for … girl in the industry, they spoiled. They see it. They live the same life you live. I wanna take a girl and introduce them to something. I think that’s what I’m into now.” Source

So you want to show off? Got it.


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