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Nick and Vanessa are Headed to Splitzville?

According to OK! magazine, Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo may be calling it quits soon.  They were seen at the Cheesecake factory looking less than in love. A source said, “They appeared to be extremely tense and irritated with each other. They were having some sort of verbal tiff at their table, and they looked miffed. They looked dour when they sat down, annoyed over dinner and still upset by the time they left the restaurant at the end of their meal. It may have been a minor squabble, but they looked like they’d rather be anywhere but with each other.”  Source

I don’t particularly care for them but jeez it was just a little fight for Pete’s sake.  That doesn’t mean anything.  Besides they cant break up.  Then who will hold the title as the most boring couple in the history of mankind?


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