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Marion Jones’s Hubby Gets 5 Years

Tim Montgomery, Olympian sprinter and husband of disgraced Olympic track star Marion Jones, will be spending five years in prison for possession and distribution of 100 grams of heroin.  He was arrested for this charge just a month after he was sentenced to four years in prison for a check-kiting conspiracy. In addition to the sentencing his Olympic record will be wiped from the books and he’s banned from track for two years.

“I was blind — I never had a job in my life,” Montgomery explained to U.S. District Judge Jerome B. Friedman. “I did the wrong thing.” Source

Hmm, let’s see, so never having a job means that you gotta sell smack.  I’ll keep that in mind.


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One Response to “Marion Jones’s Hubby Gets 5 Years”

  1. Marion Jones was never married to Montgomery and in fact is married to another sprinter from Barbados Obadele Thompson.
    I don’t know how fast Marion Jones would have been without the steroids but she sure knows how to pick the men in her life. Let’s hope her latest love doesn’t bring her down further….then again how much further down can you go? Broke, stripped of your medals and now a felon. What a fall from grace.

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