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Katie Gets Slammed by the Critics

Katie’s performance in her new Broadway show, “All My Sons” is being slammed by the critics.

Here are some of the reviews:

USA Today: “At best, she exhibits a girlish exuberance that could serve her well in certain stage roles, provided she finds a director who can ease her obvious self-consciousness and get her to focus on the often-intricate process of character development.” But as her character’s “experience evolves and her emotions shift, Holmes’ tone doesn’t. Her initial poise begins to seem strained and her relentlessly energetic line readings strangely flat — even when she screams them out, as she does quite jarringly at one point.”
Variety: Holmes “handles her role as death’s messenger with neither distinction nor embarrassment. She lacks the technique to match her co-stars’ depths, working hard at conveying purpose, gravity and a contradictory duality between innocence and sharpness…she projects an attractive modesty that makes her part of the ensemble, not an obtrusive bit of celebrity casting.”
Associated Press: It’s “not about Katie Holmes,” nor about any individual cast member, really, but rather director Simon McBurney’s heavy-handed staging. Otherwise, the actress “has a striking physical presence, although not much vocal variety.”

Damn, that sucks.  I mean, I wasn’t expecting a Tony worthy performance from her but I didn’t think the reviews would be that bad.


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