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Dakota Fanning, Just a Normal Teen

Dakota Fanning is a cheerleader for her high school, The Campbell Hall Episcopal school.  Which seems pretty normal and down to earth.  However, recently there have been reports of her having diva behavior on the set of the movie “Winged Creatures”.  The director for the film, Rowan Woods said the following in an e-mail refuting those claims:

I directed Dakota Fanning in WINGED CREATURES.

I am very upset and disappointed on behalf of Dakota that such untruths have spun around the internet in regards to Dakota and WINGED CREATURES and that those opinions be attributed to me. They are not my opinions.

My only WINGED CREATURES interview since completing the movie was this one…


Dakota Fanning is an incredible actor and a wonderful person. She is brilliant as Anne in WINGED CREATURES. The climactic scene of the movie is the most difficult scene and she hits it out of the park.

My only advice for people that read such things is: watch the movie, judge for yourself. I am proud to be associated with Dakota’s amazing performance.


Rowan Woods


I really hope that Dakota is as sweet and chill as we all think she is.  Britney fooled us.  Lindsay fooled us.  I pray that crotch shots and nip slips are NOT in Dakota’s future.


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