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Watching “The View” is Like Watcing “G.L.O.W”

If Elizabeth Hasselbeck doesn’t watch her back one of her costars is going to stab her in the face.  On “The View” yesterday the women got into yet another fight about politics.  This one, however, reportedly continued after the camera’s stopped rolling.  Barbara said on scread how the show as getting a lot of angry calls about the “Great Ameri-McCain Hero” shirt that Elizabeth wore the day before.  Joy said that Elisabeth was promoting McCain and that wasn’t cool.  Elisabeth responded that Joy promotes her politically natured stand up shows so its no different. 

Anyway, according to Defamer, Joy cursed Elisabeth out backstage.

A witness says that Joy shouted at Elisabeth, “If you do that again I will burn you down.” Elisabeth turned red and tried to respond, but Joy stopped her and yelled, “Shut the fuck up!Source

Hahahaha! That Joy is hilarious! Too bad she didn’t do it on air.  I really need a visual. 

 Peep the vid of the on-air fight below:


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