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Brad Defends Firefighters’ Tattoos

Actor and activist, Brad Pitt, who has quite a few tattoos himself, has written a letter of protest to the California big wigs against a policy requiring members of the LA Fire Department to cover their tattoos. He thinks the policy should be rescinded because it compromises the safety of firefighters and those they are rescuing.

A source close to the tattooed actor tells Star magazine, “(He) thinks it’s ridiculous that these guys who risk their lives to help people have these restrictions put upon them.
“He wanted to make sure the department heads knew that the people of L.A. don’t care about tattoos – they care about them doing their job well.” 

I concur.  I wouldn’t care if my firefighter had tattoos and a piercings in his eyelids as long as he got my but out of a fiery blaze.  If he had to take a few extra minutes…or even seconds to cover all that up that could mean life or death.



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