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Madonna in Kabbalah Anger Management

Madge has entered Kabbalah anger management to deal with her split with guy.  She also has a Kabbalah counselor who accompanies her on tour to keep her from going over the edge.

 “She is getting help from a Kabbalah counselor who is helping her try to put aside her anger, so they can settle the divorce as quickly as possible for the sake of the children. The counselor is telling her she will meet her soul mate — but first has to calm her anger.”

One pal said: “Madonna feels that Guy is being a gold-digger, and she is furious that he feels entitled to a lot of money from her. She feels he didn’t contribute as much as her during the marriage so shouldn’t expect to take so much away. She has turned to Kabbalah to sooth her rage, and is getting intense counseling on the road and at the Kabbalah Centre in New York.” Source

I wonder what their methods are for dealing with someone who loses their shit.  Like does it involve beating them into submission? That would be my recommendation. Love taps…love taps.


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