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Star Sues Landlord for Moldy Apt.

Star Jones has been dealing with major maintenance issues with her apartment.  They’re so bad that she has to rent a new place for $17861 a month for “comparable living arrangements.” She’s suing her building for $700,000, claiming she hasn’t been able to live in her apartment since plumbing (and thus mold) issues became unbearable in 2006.

“As a result of said damage and environmental condition, it is unhealthy and dangerous to reside in the premises. As such, I have obtained comparable living arrangements at the costs of $17,861 a month,” Jones said in her suit against the condo board.

The suit says the board agreed to fix the water problems back in 2004, but never did. Conditions got so bad that Jones “has been denied the full use and occupancy of her home” since March 2006.

Because Star is an asthma sufferer the mold is especially harmful to her. Source

As she’ll never let us forget, she’s a LOY-YA! So these folks better not mess with her.

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