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T.I. Does Documentary on Guns

Andrew Young, former United Nations ambassador, put together a TV documentary aimed at gun violence and he focused the film on rapper T.I.

“Walking With Guns” follows T.I. to a rehab center to meet patients paralyzed by gag violence. 

“Violence would still be around without guns,” T.I. said to over 400 attendees during a question-and-answer session after the screening. “But there would be an increased value of life.”

This comes on the heels of T.I. pleading guilty to several gun charges this year.

“Some of my colleagues are disappointed with me taking this young man in,” Young said of T.I. “But sometimes us old folks have to shut up and listen to the young folks to understand where they are coming from.” Source

Well at least he’s making and amends of sorts for his crimes. 


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