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Katy Perry Puts Nasty Hoes in their Place


Katy Perry lost her shit after seeing some groupies flirting with her rocker boyfriend Travis McCoy at the MTV Europe Awards.  She glared at them saying, Why don’t you whores just p**s off?”

A source says, “Katy may have been the woman of the moment at the awards but that didn’t stop girls flocking round her man. Travis was presenting from the red carpet and also got up onstage, so he was in the spotlight too. Plus he’s massive in the States.”

“Katy had nothing to worry about though. Travis only had eyes for her. He was constantly stroking her hand and being all touchy-feely. After she told those girls to p**s off, Travis refused to make eye contact with a single female in the room.”  Source

She can trust him and still put hoes in their place.  Sometimes you gotta threaten a bitch to let them know what the deal is.  Or better yet, mollywop first.  Ask questions later.


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