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Will.i.am Says JT Helped him Nab Madagascar Role


Hip-Hop star, will.i.am, who plays a hippo named Moto Moto in Madagascar: Escape to Africa, says its thanks to Justin Timberlake.

He says, “We were working on his (Timberlake’s) album, and when he heard my message (a sleepy voicemail in which he sounded like the late crooner Barry White) he called me back in a silly little voice, so we started doing all these voices.

“Then I bumped into (producer) Jeffrey Katzenberg at a Grammy party who asked me if I’d like to do the music for this, and Justin who was also there said to Jeffrey, ‘Man, you’ve got to hear this dude do voices.’ So they asked me in to read for some characters, and I got the gig, and I was so happy as I loved the first film so much.”  Source

Well he sure looks like a cartoon character.  It’s only fitting that he sounds like one too.


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