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Nina Sky Promote Album with Graphic Tee


Twin singers Nina Sky are prepping for their new album, The Musical, and one of the members, Natalie has teamed up with the MadeMe designer, Erin Magee.  The two are launching an exclusive tee where the MadeMe logo is written in graffiti music notes and its being call the **NA SKY tee.

“[Erin] said ‘Let’s do a collaboration on a shirt. I want it to reflect your personality.’ We wrote MadeMe in music notes. That’s how it came about” Natalie explained of how the pair hooked up. “My favorite shirt is the white one.”
“We designed a fitted for New Era, which is cool because people associate New Era with males and we’re females doing our own take on that, so it’s dope,” Natalie told BallerStatus.com in a recent interview. “We’re excited about that too. It’s supposed to be coming out when our album comes out, so hopefully at the top of year.”


For more information on the tee, visit MadeMeClothing.com.
This is interesting I guess.  But I don’t really care about the tee.  Is the album good? That’s the question.


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