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Mariah Says Nick Took Away Her Diva Ways


Mimi says that it’s because of Nick that she’s not a diva anymore.

Mariah said: “It’s the only video in the history of me making videos that I ended on time, actually early both days, and there was no drama, and everybody was saying what is this new thing?!

“So I guess this was definitely him. No more stories about divaness, divaland, divalicious.

“I enjoyed working with him, but I know it’s the first time so who knows.”

She gushed: “We met each other in 2005 on a couple of award shows and we had that thing – you look at them and talk to them, and you are like what was that, that was interesting, but I liked it!” Source

As much as these two disgust me I gotta give them credit for lasting this long.  I thought they’d be done after a few weeks.


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