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Real Housewives in a Cat Fight


Lisa Wu Hartwell of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” taked to Essence about how heated things got between her and fellow cast member Kim during the reunion show.

Lisa said, “Let’s just say, Kim pushed the wrong and the last button, which takes me there. Normally, I conduct myself professionally and I prefer to turn the other cheek, but you can’t allow people to continue to play with you because they’ll think they can do that all day, every day. So I’d say that people will be surprised because I was surprised and somewhat embarrassed myself, but I’m human and you have to let people know that they can’t just say whatever they want to you. I’ve been extremely diplomatic and there are horrible things I could have said but I have chosen not to and still do. When you come after my integrity or my family, then you’re going to see a different person.”

Kim played a voicemails from Lisa to TMZ where she says, “I am not the one. I am not Sheree and I am not NeNe. You really don’t know who I am, so I think you need to call me. And I might just be coming to your house.” Source

So that’s what she meant by unprofessional? Well that sounds just fine and dandy to me. Whenever someone starts a sentence with ‘I am not the one’ you know that molly whopping will shortly ensue.  I really hop she does snatch Kim’s wig (and what a bad wig it is at that).  Cus I am soooooo sick of her.


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5 Responses to “Real Housewives in a Cat Fight”

  1. Kim is so washed up and BROKE since her married man dumped her gold digging ass. How could being a “mistress” make her into a “housewife”? She is jealous of Lisa who has worked for everything she has; successful multiple business ventures, family, friends, wealth and “natural beauty”. Kim on the other hand is bitter, jobless, loveless, voiceless and penniless. And already getting botox at age 30, what a waste, b/c she looks at least 45. Was shocked to see she is only 30. She needs to get a life and a real job besides laying her back.

  2. kim, is eating her own words she said karma is a bitch. what done in the dark comes to light she needs to stop talking about people. nene warned you lisa.

  3. I agree…kudos…kudos!!!!!

  4. All of the participants are ignorant. When are people going to haver some respect for themselves and one another and stop making these shows to degrade people. What ever happened to TV when you could sit down and make a movie. Why would the makers of the show let Lisa slap that girl like that? You all knew she was scared. Why would you want to have someone sitting there in fear in front of a live audience and the rest of the world. I bet neither person who had any part in making this show don’t know how to make a movie if their life depended on it. At least Nee Nee tried to have a few laughs. To say Nee Nee was the most interesting character in this reality show is saying what about the makers of the is show? Pitiful; Pitiful; Pitiful. I hope Kim sues all of your asses!

  5. STOP!!!!!!! Now while NeNe, Sheree, and Kim were being DRAMA QUEENS, I believe it was Lisa and DeShawn who were the piece keepers. Deshawn herself is a beauty and has a quiet role in all this. I must say that I am very surprised and very impressed that she did not get caught up in the drama. KUDOS TO YOU DESHAWN.

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