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Suge Sues Kanye


Marion “Suge” Knight, who’s having a shiteous time lately, has decided to sue rapper Kanye West for his shooting back in ’05.  He blames Kanye for letting someone sneak a gun into his pre-MTV VMA party, the same individual who shot him.

Suge contends that Kanye is accountable for not taking, “reasonable measures to ensure weapons were not brought into the party,” failing to “warn him of the dangers presented by weapons” that were allowed into the event, and for losing a 15-carat diamond stud earring worth $135,000 during the incident.

He says that his injuries prevented him from working and cost him lost income. Source

He’s just pissed that his life is crumbling before his eyes and is grasping at straws.  It’s too late.  Just let it go.


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