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Brandy is Still Haunted by Deadly Crash


Brandy says that she is still haunted by the 2006 car crash she was involved in that left a woman dead.  She says,

“It was a situation that changed my life forever. I will never be the same. It was pretty bad. There were parts flying and there was a bunch of smoke. I just feel like a lot of people jumped on it because it was something to talk about. And instead of just waiting to see what really happened, they kind of make their own story about it and started pointing the finger and blaming,” she tells Access Hollywood.

Brandy is now facing a $50 million lawsuit for wrongful death by Aboudihaj’s family. The trial is set for April 2009.



I’m not sure exactly what happened in terms of the crash or if Brandy was being negligent and her negligence resulted in the accident.  But if it was just an accident, I don’t see the point in making her pay anymore than she’s already paid in emotional distress. $50 million will not bring back their lost loved one.


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