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Lily Allen Still in Therapy After Miscarriage


10 months after her miscarriage, singer Lily Allen is still seeing a therapist to cope with the pain.

She tells British newspaper the Daily Mirror, “I was in a very, very dark place after the whole thing happened. That was the toughest thing I’ve had to go through in my life.”

She adds, “He’s (the therapist) really, really helping me. I feel it’s getting better and everything’s going to be ok.” Source

Losing a child in anyway can completely devastate a person.  Glad to see she’s dealing with it the proper way.


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2 Responses to “Lily Allen Still in Therapy After Miscarriage”

  1. tabloid newspapers, won’t report about Lily Allen unless they think it’s going to be bad news. They’re just not interested unless they hear that she’s falling down drunk, or saying something that can be easily twisted into a negative comment. Even after trying to avoid headlines, by not drinking at all and keeping a low profile, they have to come up with this sickly over used topic, that really should have remained personal, and going as far as to say that Lily Allen sat down with the Mirror, Come on already!!! The Mirror C.O. U.K. and the Sun U.K. are (and have been) desperately holding on to a Lily Allen hate obsession, that has little or nothing to do with her. She’s not in therapy, but if it were true how would anyone know what her therapy is about…Complete Bullshit!

  2. It’s tabloid trash, but people like to read it>””

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