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X-Tina Want’s to Cook Fat Food


Christina Aguilera is intent on learning to cook “bad-for-your-arteries” food.

She said: “My mom loves to cook really southern, good, buttery, salty,
delicious, bad-for-your-arteries kind of food, but it is amazing, and I hope
to be a cook like that someday because one thing that I look forward to
whenever I do go home is tasting my mom’s home cooking.
I want to do the same for Max. Cooking is my next goal in life to achieve.”
She also shared that her little one is just like her because he’s always on the move.

She said, “He is so close to walking now, it’s crazy. He
is a mover and shaker.
He is constantly moving, constantly banging on things. I don’t know what
that means; maybe he is a drummer in the making, I don’t know.
He is just so much fun and I have the best time with him. Every single day
is a way for me to see life through brand new eyes. It really is an
incredible thing for me every day.” Source

He’s gonna have to move constantly if she plans on making him grease smoothies and lard patties.  Who does she think she is? Paula Dean?


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