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Beyonce Named Richest Star Under 30


Beyonce has been named by Forbes as the #1 richest star under the age of thirty. 

Here’s the list:

1. Beyonce – $80 million (GBP55 million)
Justin Timberlake – $43 million (GBP30 million)
3. Kobe Bryant – $39 million (GBP26.8 million)
4. LeBron James – $38 million (GBP26.1 million)
5. Roger Federer – $35.2 million (GBP24.1 million)
Keira Knightley – $32.2 million (GBP22.03 million)
7. Maria Sharapova – $26.1 million (GBP17.9 million)
8. Daniel Radcliffe – $25.1 million (GBP17.2 million)
Miley Cyrus – $25.1 million (GBP17.2 million)
Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen – $15 million (GBP10.3 million)


Damn, I remember rwhen the Olsen twins were burying everyone with their banking skills…


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