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Gavin and Gwen fighting Over No Doubt Tour?

Rocker Gwen Stefani and her hubby Gavin Rossdale are supposedly fighting over whether or not she should go on tour with her band No Doubt. According to the Enquirer he is scared it will adversely affect their marriage.

“Gwen just gave birth to their second son in late August, and she will be taking on way too much with a new album and a world tour next year,” an insider told the Enquirer. “She’s already raising the boys, keeping up homes in Los Angeles and London, working on her clothing line L.A.M.B. and wants to start recording the first No Doubt album in seven years. A world tour will put too big a strain on the family.”

 “Gavin feels they have more than enough money, and he doesn’t understand Gwen’s motivation for getting back on the road,” explained the insider. “It’s not like he wants her to give up her career, but he thinks a few years focusing on their boys is what’s best for the family. He’s also worried that a lengthy world tour will cut into the quality time that their relationship needs to thrive.” Source

Maybe she’s just scared of loosing her identity in motherhood.  I’m sure she loves being a mommie but she needs something else to feel whole…possibly. 

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3 Responses to “Gavin and Gwen fighting Over No Doubt Tour?”

  1. Gavin Rossdale should sacrafice some of HIS time. His solo project is sub-par compared to No Doubt. There are millions upon millions of people waiting for the new No Doubt tour.

    If Gavin thinks the kids need more attention, then it’s time to throw on an apron and play stay-at-home dad until Gwen returns. Having said that, the children will be with her during the tour, as will nannies, and for some of it – probably Gavin!

    I don’t really believe this to be quite frank.

  2. I think that story is a bunch of bull A true rocker family would love to take the family on the road. They are both doing their own thing and No Doubt That They Make Time For Each Other And All Gwen Is No Stranger Now Days Raising Kids On Tour “These Things Go Quick” Vacation in a few months I bet. Maybe She Really Loves What She Does??? I can say this with much love, she is not getting any younger, Why Not? Isn’t No Doubt like her 2nd family anyway??? Its like a family reunion. I can think of a million reasons.

    Much Love!

    ❤ Daniel

  3. yuks……Gavin and Gwen ..i don’t like it …it’s desgusting :-&

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