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More Details on Splitt Between Jodie Sweetin and Her Husband


Jodie recently left her husband and ran off with the money and their baby.  She filed court papers saying that they were facing financial problems.

“Our house is in foreclosure, our water has been shut off twice. Currently, all of our other utilities are overdue,” the actress says in papers filed Nov. 19.  She adds that he stopped working once they got married. “[He] kept finding one excuse after another for his failure to even attempt to find employment,” she says.

She’s also scared to go back home to get her things and things for the baby.  She worries her ex “will become very emotional and possibly erratic.”

He told people, “I still have no idea what this is about. None of this makes sense.”

As for his lack of employment, “I was the stay-at-home dad, my job was taking care of Zoie,” due to Sweetin’s busy schedule, Herpin says. He is seeking sole legal and physical custody of the couple’s daughter and spousal support from Sweetin. Source

Sounds like he was a mooch and she got out just in time.


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