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Hot Links!

links5Paris without her colored contacts – Bastardly

Avril Lavigne might be pregnant – Celebitchy

SamRo has some new snatch on the brain. – Celebslam

Katy Perry drunk and rubbing all over some half naked guy (Site NSFW) – DrunkenStepFather

Diddy says no to bling in honor of the economy. – Hollyscoop

Peta is angry with BritHoly Moly!

Paula Abdul Searches for a new Home I’m Not Obsessed

Beyonce’s ‘Cadillac Records’ only pulls in $3 Million at the box office. – Livesteez

Mimi’s new video is more effective than Ambien – Popbytes

Tila Tequila has her own book. – WebsterIsMyBitch

FOX screws up and shows football players peen on TV. – Yeeeah!


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