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Katy Perry was Supposed to be Another Avril

katyWhen Katy Perry was getting started in the industry Avril Levine was big so the record label wanted to model Katy after her.   But Katy fought back.

She says, “When I first started at 17, the hit song was Complicated (by Avril Lavigne) and everyone wanted me to write a Complicated. I said, ‘Look, that’s her and this is me. Everybody loves her song and hopefully everyone will like mine.'” Source

Katy recently told press that she knows Leona Lewis’ upcoming new single will be a success – because she missed out on singing it herself. “I Will Be is a song I have known for a while. From the outside looking in I know that everyone was fighting for Avril to put this on her record but for reasons I will not disclose, Avril, did not. I remember Dr. Luke playing this song for me months ago and I was at the point of tears knowing I heard a song that would be the hugest thing ever. I mean, people, be prepared to hear this song at every wedding for a long time.” Source
I sense something under the surface of these random Avril statements. I’m gonna have to keep a close watch on these two but I smell essence du frienemies in the air.

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