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Kendra Apologizes to Hef

kendraHugh Hefner’s ex, Kendra Wilkinson, is apologizing for cheating on him.

She told Us Weekly,  “I had to have sex every now and then, so I had to kind of sneak it.”

“Besides the nights we went out, I only saw Hef, like, once a day walking through the halls to his office… The most we kind of say to each other is, ‘I love you,’ ‘Love you too,’ ‘I hope you have a good day,’ ‘Did you have a good day?'”

She adds, “I’m really bad at interviews, and anyone who knows me knew I meant no harm… I’m a goofball. Mostly, I’m very sorry to have hurt Hef. Hef was hurt, but he understands. He knows me and knows what came out of the article was not me at all.” Source

Seeing as he had two other girlfriends while dating her I don’t really see the big deal.


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