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Cheedle and Snipes Play Tricks on New Director

brooklynAntoine Fuqua enlisted actors Wesley Snipes and Don Cheedle for his new film Brooklyn’s finest.  The two actors irked his last nerve by playing jokes on him everyday.

Fuqua says, “They were always giving me a hard time on the set, giving me crap. They’d have earrings and jewelry that they weren’t supposed to have on when they showed up on set.
“For example, they’d show up in cheap watches when they were supposed to have blinged-out (expensive) watches on. Just silly little stuff to keep me on my toes and see if I was paying attention. They’re jokesters.”


That sounds neither funny nor exciting.  These two could learn a thing or two from George Clooney and Brad Pitt who play elaborate tricks on each other all the time.


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