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Kobe Gets Millions to Blog

kobeKobe Bryant has a new job with Sina.com as a blogger.  On the site he’ll have his own web portal where he’ll provide exclusive content.  The catch for browsers is that there’s a $49.95 subscription fee.

“During the Olympics in Beijing, Kobe had a handful of companies to consider for his first deal with a China-based company,” said Rob Pelinka, Kobe’s agent. “Sina came to Kobe with a vision and Kobe saw it as a way to stay in touch with a huge fan base. He feels passionately about the people and culture of China and having been there as much as he has, those feelings are authentic.”

He’s getting millions to do this.  I’m really confused right now.


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  1. Really great article! I wish I had something like this when I started using .

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