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Drew, Jenn, and Scarlett Talk Dating

not-into-youThe women of “He’s Just Not that IntoYou” talked to Extra about dating. 

Jennifer Aniston said, “I think it’s just hard to date. It’s not like we’re kids. We’re not dating.”
Scarlett Johansson added, “Dating to me is like you’re with somebody and you’re committed to them. And you have date night and it’s romantic. Where actually going on a date, there’s like an expectation.”
Drew Barrymore
disagreed, “Not for me. I like dinner. I like to be asked on a date. I like tradition.”
Aniston Joked, “I’ll ask you on a date! I will take you to dinner and I will call you on your phone.”

Are they drunk? Maybe its because I’m reading this and not actually watching the interview that I don’t understand (with the exception of Drew) what the hell their talking about.


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