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Kanye says ‘No’ to Therapy

kanye1Kanye is anti therapists. He went to see one after his mother died and he broke up with his fiancé.  But he doesn’t think it’s the route to go.

He told Vibe magazine, “I don’t believe in therapy. I believe in you gotta walk it out, you gotta live it out. Life has its ups and downs. And sometimes you sprain an ankle, you have to walk it out, like back in the day in summer camp. Walk it out. And sometimes you have to cry it out.
“What’s good for me is I have the opportunity to sing these songs. But I don’t believe in sitting down with a shrink. And I don’t believe in medication or painkillers.”

Next thing we know, he’ll be hanging out with Tom Cruise in his thetan filled Jacuzzi.


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