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Lil’ Wayne’s Diva Demands

wayneThe Smoking Gun got a hold of Lil’ Wayne’s rider.  Here are some of his demands that must be met before he’ll perform.

– 50% of his appearance fee has to be paid in advance, while the other half will have to be paid, in cash, on the day of the show. If its an overseas date, the full amount is due before he even boards a plane.
– 50 free tickets must be provided within the first 10 rows at the promoter’s expense, while 25 more are needed for backstage.
– Required a five-star hotel’s presidential suite of 1,000 square feet or better, with a living room and bedroom separated by a door. The room must also be booked through his travel agency.
– A 7 or 8 passenger Learjet must be provided for a round trip travel to usher Weezy to and from the show.
– The venue must provide two “clean and comfortable” dressing rooms without “order”, which must be stocked with an assorted list of drinks and snacks — including two bottles of Hennessey XO (“XO Only” it reads), two bottles of Pierre Jouet Rose champagne, and two bottles of Patron Platinum.
– Under the “Security Rider” portion, which cautions “Pay Close Attention!!!,” the rapper demands a police escort of two vehicles/motorcycles to and from the airport, hotel, venue and back to hotel, as well as a “mandatory!” phalanx of four off-duty police officers to escort him to and from the same.
– On international dates, the requirements are even more stringent, with a request for four 24-hour armed security guards for the entire stay.

To read the entire rider, check it out in full at TheSmokingGun.


He must have himself confused with Jesus Christ. No really Wayne, who do you think you are?


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