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‘Arab Money’ Gets Arab Support

bustaEven though Rapper Busta Rhymes has received some very negative feedback from his song “Arab Money.”  He’s gotten numerous emails and letters from Arab fans supporting him.

I carry them with me every day,” Busta told MTV News.

“I didn’t really know what he was saying,” Busta said about producer Ron Browz’s chorus on the song. Rhymes originally got the track with just the beat and the hook. “I called him on the phone. We were going shopping for the awards. I was riding around, and we were playing the beat over. I wanted to know what he was saying. [Ron] picked up the phone, and I was like, ‘What are you saying on this joint?’ I thought it was saying ‘Maybach Money.’ ‘Maybach’ or ‘Arab’ – it kinda rhymed. I needed confirmation.” When Browz explained to Busta that he was, in fact, saying “Arab,” Busta was elated. “I was like, ‘This is genius,’ ” he said. “Just the timing of this. The fact that the recession was crazy. Fortune 500 companies left and right are needing bailouts. I was like, ‘You ain’t hearing none of that going on with none of the people in the Arab community or Arab culture. None of that.’ I was like, ‘You know something? This is a great record to inspire people to incorporate wealth in their vocabulary, because rich has become the new broke.’ ‘Arab Money’ – it felt right. Let’s take something from a culture that has exemplified the rich qualities of spirituality and economic and financial stability for thousands of years. They’ve instilled that in their kids for thousands of years.”

Busta carries support e-mails in his BlackBerry from Arab fans. “It’s a reminder that many people did understand what the intent is,” he said. “I want people to know I acknowledge their support. This has been embraced globally.” Source

Click here to watch the vid.

I don’t see the song as particularly offensive.  Yes it reinforces what could be called a ‘positive’ stereotype but let’s pick our battles folks.  It’s kinda like saying all black people can sing (yes I’ve heard that before).  It’s not true.  But hey, at least its not negative.


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