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Charlie Wilson Recovers from Prostate Cancer

charlieSinger Charlie Wilson just underwent treatments for prostate cancer for the second time. He was diagnosed last September.

“When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in September, I thought to myself ‘I’m too young … this isn’t a cancer I should be getting,'” Wilson said. “While I was surprised to discover that this disease strikes one out of every six American men, I was astounded to learn that African American men are 1.6 times more likely than others to be diagnosed with prostate cancer. My wife, Mahin, and I are very fortunate. I was lucky to be diagnosed and begin treatment early. My prognosis is excellent.” 
 When he found out he “just felt devastated.” But doctors assure “we caught it early enough and we can knock it out.” 
 He’s now spending time urging men, particularly African-American men to get screened.  On top of theat he’s promoting his new album, Uncle Charlie, which is due out February 17th.

Aw Charlie, I had no idea. Feel better cat daddy.


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