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Madge Jealous of Her Own Daughter?

lourdesOK! Magazine is reporting that Madge is jealous of her own daughter and doesn’t want her to grow up.

“I think Madonna can’t stand that Lourdes is growing into a beautiful teen,” a source tells OK! “She seems envious of her youth and looks. She knows Lourdes is going to be gorgeous and will get the attention of the opposite sex. Knowing Madonna’s taste for younger guys, it’s a matter of course that they’ll be dating men the same age. It’s disturbing.”

She also wouldn’t let her get her hella bushy eyebrows waxed.

“That was a battle Madonna eventually gave in to,” the source says. “Lourdes recently had them shaped.”

Whe the two went to a Gucci gala benefiting UNICEF and Malawi last Feb. “Madonna refused to let Lourdes have a hairdresser. She probably didn’t want her daughter to look better than her,” the source tells OK!. Source

That’s TRULY effed up.  My mother started shaving my pits for me when I was in the second grade.  At least she gave in to that, cus Lourdes’ brows are serious.


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