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Mandy wants ex DJ AM to Work at her Wedding

mandyMandy Moore recently announced that she got engaged to boyfriend, rocker Ryan Adams and she’s still taking it all in.
I’m actually very happy and very excited and sort of perplexed at even the little bit of fuss it’s garnered,” she said Friday on 104.3MYfm’s Valentine in the Morning in L.A.

She was asked who would sing at the wedding…her or Ryan?

“We haven’t really gotten that far,” she said.
Then she added, “Or I could ask my friend Adam [Goldstein] (aka DJ AM). That could work too. [There are] many options. I haven’t even gone down that path yet.”

Has she picked a dress?
“Good golly! I haven’t even begun to think about that stuff.”
“I kind of feel like, because I’ve been able to get married in a few films, I kind of got the whole giant wedding fuss out of my system,” she said.
“Hopefully, it can happen and slip by unnoticed by everybody,” she added. “I guess we have to be sort of sneaky about it, but I’ll see what I can accomplish.”
To have your ex even show up at your wedding would be awkward, nevermind have him DJ it.  But I guess they’re cool like that.


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