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Oprah Shoots Down Octomom’s Request for Dough

oprahNadya Suleman, the woman who gave birth to 14 children (four single births, one set of twins, and octuplets) wanted to get paid for an interview with Oprah.  Oprah’s peeps shot down the idea as soon as she stuck her hand out looking for a payday.

NBC was able to not only get their hainds on footage of her giving birth but also got an interview with Nadya.  They deny paying her almost $1 million to speak with them.

But an insider told the paper, “Everything was filmed. The birth, everything. Then [Suleman’s people] said negotiations would start at $1.2 million for the video and pictures, which is when producers from Oprah Winfrey, ABC and CBS left the room. NBC stayed.” Source

Good for you Oprah.  NBC is silly for giving her the time of day. The woman is out of her gourd.


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