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Joaquin is Playing a Joke on Us?

joaquinSources believe that Joaquin Phoenix has concocted an elaborate plan to fool us all.

 “Joaquin wanted this, of course he knew (about the parodies) because it’s all part of a very strategic plan,” said an inside source. “He is selling it all as a documentary not about his musical career but the whole issue of public persona. It’s all a big joke and he’s not pursuing rapping seriously no matter what he says.”

The parody of him that Ben Stiller did at the Oscars is also supposedly part of his plan.

 “Ben (Stiller) was just going along with the joke that Joaquin started,” added the insider. “He wasn’t poking fun at him, there are no hard feelings.”  Source

I think we all want to believe this is a trick because if it’s not that means that Joaquin has totally flipped his lid.


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