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John Graziano’s Dad Tries to Kill Mom?

grazianoEdward James Graziano, father of John Graziano, the man injured in the car accident that sent Nick Hogan to jail, has been jailed himself.  He was arrested for plotting to kill his wife Debra.

According to the police, he paid a hit man $1,100 in cash, $1,000 in a personal check and a $13 gift card to Westshore Pizza. He gave the men with his wife’s schedule and instructed him to make the murder look like a car accident.

George Tragos, Debra’s attorney said, “We found out about it in mid-December that there was an investigation. And we were warned so that we could be careful. And Debbie’s only reaction is she’s very saddened by it. And she can’t understand why more tragedy would be heaped upon a family that has already suffered so much.” He added, “She will not leave the area because she will not leave her son. Her primary concern is John Graziano.”

It’s believed that money is the motive because neither Edward, nor his wife, have worked since John’s accident.  Source

Jebus Christo! This family has been through so much and the cracks are finally beginning to show.

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