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J-Lo and Marc are Happy…No, Really!

jloJ-Lo was interviewed by In Touch recently and talked all about what it’s like at home with Marc and the twins.

Here’s what she had to say in the article entitled, “We Have to Work At Our Marriage.”


Why is Marc your perfect partner?

I think you have to marry someone you really like, as well as love. We actually prefer hanging out with each other to hanging out with anyone else.


How do you handle disagreements?

If one of us has a complaint, the other one has to listen, no matter how difficult. We have to see if we care enough to change it and if we do care, then we have to change it.


How is Marc as a Dad?

Amazing. Really amazing. He shares the responsibility.


How so?

I can ask him to get up in the middle of the night if one of the kids wakes up. Every single time he’ll say okay. That’s a huge thing. If you have a partner who doesn’t think it’s their job – and I know people who think babies are a woman’s job – then that’s really hard.


How have your feelings for Marc changed?
I’ve grown to respect him even more for the fact that he is a good dad.


What have you learned about yourself?
So many things! Babies completely change your priorities and how you feel and your perception of the world.


What do you hope the twins inherit from you?
I’d love them to have Marc’s sense of humor, and my will and determination.


Will you have more kids?
I think so. Why not? I mean, it’s what life is really all about, honestly. Nothing feels quite like having the joy and purpose in your life that comes with raising another human being.


On Britney:
“That was painful to watch,” says Jennifer of Britney Spears’ public breakdown in early 2008. And as someone who’s dealt with the dark side of fame, J. Lo sympathized with her fellow pop star: “I understood the pressure she was going through, having been through a divorce, having money, having people depend on you.” Jennifer made a conscious decision to stay out of the spotlight. “It will destroy you,” she says.


Well aren’t those the most perfectly rehearsed answers ever.  I wonder if Marc was around during the interview. Eh, probably not.  He was probably off gallivanting with his latest fling while the dragon tale twins sit in their solid gold cribs doing incantations.


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