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Ne-Yo Brings the Best Out of Chrisette

chrisetteSinger Chrisette Michele has been collaborating with Ne-Yo on her upcoming album entitled Epiphany. She thinks Ne-Yo was able to pull things out of her she didn’t think possible.  They’d sit for hours at a time and she’d tell him things, “I thought I’d be afraid to sing about. But the way he put it down on paper with a little beat behind it, they didn’t sound as horrible and I started thinking, ‘This might be a cool record.’  I used to think, ‘If I don’t write the song, how can I express it? But it’s so weird. Working with others freed me up more. It’s a growth spurt; a chance to show a different side but still explore me.”

She added that this record will be more fun and upbeat than her debut which was more soulful and jazzy.

“It’s definitely got more of an urban twang to it.  Some of the songs will make your head bop all the way back and then forward again.”

The album will be out May 19th. Source

Ne-Yo is undoubtedly a great song writer. And I love Chrisette’s vibe.  This is definitely a match made in heaven.


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