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Lindz on the Run From the Law!

lindz2Lindsay is on the run y’all.  A warrant has been issued for her arrest because she violated her parole related to her 2007 DUI. 

“I have a feeling she will eventually turn herself in. If she does come in, it’s pretty simple. We book her, and if she posts bail, she’s on her way,” Beverly Hills Police Department spokesman Sergeant Mike Foxen tells OK!.

Lindsay has called the warrant, “completely fabricated.”

But Foxen tells OK!, “Well, she’ll be very enlightened, won’t she? I think in time she’ll come to realize that the best thing for her to do is turn herself in. Whether it’s a bench warrant or not, a warrant is a warrant, but I doubt a team will be out there today looking for her.” Source

Update: Her lawyer says she won’t appear in court to face the warrant but he will be there on her behalf. 

Um, does i even matter if he shows? Won’t they still be on the hunt for her?


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