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Lionel Says Nicole is a Strict Mom

nicoleLionel Richie says that his daughter Nicole is really strict with her baby Harlow even though Nicole was a troubled teen herself.

“She is my adopted daughter and she has never given us one day of a dull moment, let me just make that perfectly clear. But what happened, it’s funny, and so you know the career was going great but Nicole wasn’t doing great at that point. Finally when she made the other side, finally when she came through that thing about 22, 23, she now becomes a mom.” 
“She is running a very strict camp. It’s like, ‘dad, it’s time to go now, the baby’s going to bed.’ It’s really sweet. But I’m having more fun now accepting responsibility as a grandfather, which is I play with the baby but I hand her back!”

Of course she’s strict.  She knows all the tricks and all the trouble a kid can get into cus she got into it already.


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