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Eddy Curry Gets Full Custody of Noah

curry1Following the death of his infant daughter and the mother of his two children, NY Nick, Eddy Curry, has gotten custody of his three year old son Noah. Noah was the only witness to the murder of his mother and sister and his grandmother Yolan Hendry had been taking care of him since the murder.  She wanted to ultimately be his primary caregiver.

“He [Noah] has seen his father twice his entire life …” and “I feel that it’s unfair to subject this child to a turnover when he doesn’t know the parties he is being turned over to. We are forced to be fugitives.”  She added that, “Noah clings to me every moment of the day and cries when I am not in his sight. I pray that God gives him the strength to cope with this separation from his family … Ultimately, we would like to jointly raise Noah with the Curry family.”

Yolan is willing to risk contempt of court charges and jail time rather than turn over Noah to his father. She is planning an appeal to the judgment to give Curry custody.

Maw-Maw feels extra strong about this.  I wonder if she knows something we doing about Eddy.


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