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Lindsay’s Dad is Dissing SamRo…Again

linds1Michael Lohan is flappin his gums again.  He’s once again attacking Lindsay’s girlfriend, SamRo, saying that Lindz will end up worse than Brit if she stays with Sam.

He says, “She’s using her and bringing her around the wrong places. No matter where they go in the world, where Samantha drags Lindsay to her little DJ events, there’s always a big blow-up. Ever since Lindsay left rehab where she really got her life back together, Samantha has come back into her life and in it all went wrong for her. Lindsay was very vulnerable and Samantha seized on that and manipulated her.”

Michael wants the chance to take over Lindsay’s affairs like Britney’s dad did for her.

He explains “Finally Britney’s father did take control and she got her life back together. But Britney didn’t have Samantha Ronson in her life. Lindsay is my daughter and I love her but I’m not there to be a friend, I’m here to be a parent. If Lindsay doesn’t like that or is angered by what I have to say, quite frankly I don’t care because. [sic]” Source



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