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Dina Lohan Tweets About How Good of a Mother She Is

dinaLindz and Ali’s mom Dina, is pissed and ranted on Twitter about it. Supposedly the three tried to get into Villa, a club in Hollywood last week, and were turned away because Ali is under age. Since Dina has been under fire for introducing her wee one to this party lifestyle.

So she tweeted, “You know WHAT ok I’m sorry but this is just out of control I am not a monster or a ‘partyer’, just a mother trying to do her best. F (f**k) this and I don’t normally swear but F (f**k) THIS! I am sick of being HATED.
“How do you all think ‘nightclubs’ make money, not by being open at night they are RESTAURANTS during the day so how can I be crucified! Anyone that watched my show on E! Entertainment Television will know that I am no ‘partyer’, ‘bad mom’ ‘neglectful’ ‘unaware,’ I am VERY aware.” Source

Yes, you are aware of publicity and how you can best make that money. Duly noted Dina.

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One Response to “Dina Lohan Tweets About How Good of a Mother She Is”

  1. Two successful show-biz daughters.
    At least one Mother Of The Year award.
    No wonder losers are jealous of Dina.

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