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Paris Wants to Marry Doug


parisWhen talking to E! Online, Paris Hilton said of boyfriend Doug Reinhardt, “He’s going to be my husband.”

“We’re best friends,” Paris said. “It’s not like we just met. We’ve known each other over the past year. I was in a relationship before and we reconnected. I’m really in love and really happy.”

“You never know,” Doug said.

“It’s good having my boyfriend on set (of her reality show “My New BFF”) and watching,” she said, adding that things didn’t work out with Season One winner Brittany Flickinger. “I want a best friend who wants to be friends with me because I’m a good person and a good friend, not for any other reason. I’ve been fooled by so many girls.” Source

Oh Paris…you so crazy! She’s a serial monogamist poor thing.

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