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SamRo is Moving On


samNow that Lindsay and SamRo are over, Sam hopes the drama will stop.

“Lindsay is extremely protective and jealous and needs an enormous amount of attention, and it’s stressful for the world to be watching them. [Samantha] takes it pretty good – she acts tougher than she is. She just wants the drama to end.”

“Both Samantha and Lindsay could use a break and since there is so much crossover with their friends, it’s been hard. Their lives are so intertwined.”

The Ronson family recently inquired about getting a restraining order because Lindz is so crazy. “They wanted to know what their options were if she does something crazy,” says the source. “Lindsay can be a loose cannon.”

“Sam broke up with Lindsay, but it doesn’t mean she hates her or wants to see her hurt any worse than she is. “She is over Lindsay and over all the drama, but still, she refuses to trash-talk her. She just wants to walk away gracefully.” Source

It’s nice to see someone be an adult about a break up. Then again Sam IS in her thirties…I’d like to think she can be a grown up.


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