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Brad Fleas to France to Get Away from Angie

bradAccording to In Touch Weekly, a recent trip Brad took to France had less to do with checking on renovations and more to do with getting away from Angie and the kids for a bit.

An airport employee said, “What could he be doing in France that’s so important that he couldn’t be with his kids?”

His formal reason was to check on renovations to the French castle they’re renting.  But he privately told friends that he “needed time away” from Angelina.

She’s been in NYC filming Salt while he stays home and fends for their six kids.  And when she does come home, “She screams nonstop at him,” a pal reveals. “He’s absolutely burned out. And he’s tired of picking up the slack for Angelina.” Source

Well shoot, he’s tired.  But he shoulda thought about that before conceiving/adopting six kids with Mrs. Maneater.


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2 Responses to “Brad Fleas to France to Get Away from Angie”

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  2. Wow – This was clearly before its time…

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