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Tyra’s Stalker Goes to Trial

tyraBrady Green was arrested last March for stalking Tyra Banks and he has pled not guilty to all charges against him.

This whole thing started in January 2008 when he tried contacting her at both of her studies, called her several times, and sent letters to her work place. He was finally arrested in March when he was found outside her NYC studio with a duffel bag full of photos of Tyra and notes to her.  He told arresting officers that he and Tyra had “a think” together.

Tyra told the DA’s office that she was “in fear of physical injury, serious injury or death” because of Green’s actions.  Source

At least he didn’t have any weapons in that duffel bag but this is scary regardless.  I’m happy Tyra plans on testifying to show she can stand up to him.


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